The packaging of cheese products: the conditions for success on the shelf.

Let your cheese products express themselves

Cheese is not a food product like any other. It consumes oxygen, produces CO2, perspires, ages… It is a “living” product that requires packaging that promotes its evolution. Cheese makers are therefore looking for solutions that will allow them to fully express themselves: cheese tray, aperitif packaging, display, bell, maturing cellar, etc. Knauf Industries Agri-food provides you with its know-how, expertise and technologies (thermoforming, plastic injection and honeycomb moulding) to provide you with standard and tailor-made solutions.h3>Packaging that lets the cheese breathe

To a food product like no other, specifically adapted solutions. All of our “cheese” packaging meets the requirements for better protection, preservation and safe transport of products. We pay particular attention to your packaging process, from packaging to the last bite.Are your products greasy and/or wet?Our packaging solutions offer suitable oxidation by letting the cheese breathe; it benefits from better conservation and an optimal level of quality in the refrigerator. And as we leave nothing to chance, we are developing modified atmosphere packaging solutions without oxygen to slow down the ripening of the cheese and avoid cross-contamination.


ID Lab, our research and development center dedicated to innovation, was created to co-design and co-construct with our customers “tailor-made” packaging that meets their expectations. Thanks to our experience with cheese makers, we are able to produce customizable packaging by shape and packaging design, in thermoforming or plastic injection with IML label. Whatever the nature and variety of your cheeses, our solutions apply to all your ideas. Our know-how and expertise give life to many eco-designed and 100% recyclable packaging concepts: IML injected tray with thermoformed lid, thermoformed or injected ripening cellar and blister, sealed injected bell for packaging in a protective atmosphere, display with ventilation system without perforation…Do you want to show your difference on shelves?Our personalization solutions – choice of colors, affixing of logos and/or advertising claims, of your know-how… – will enable you to stand out from the crowd at the first glance of consumers.

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